Ballistic-Resistant Materials

  • Bullet Resistant
  • Blast Debris Resistant
  • Slash Attack Resistant
  • Intruder Resistant
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    • Lighter, more flexible than conventional materials
    • Improved logistics:
      • Easier to transport
      • Easier to deploy, one-man lift, simple installation
    • All fabric construction conforms to any shape
    • Allows temporary / portable protection

    Portable Military Structures

    Resistant to handgun fire, blast debris, slash attacks, and intruders.

    • Mount to existing structures
    • Portable container enclosure interiors
    • Use in Medium, Small System, Expeditionary, or Mobile Command Post Systems

    Shrapnel and Perimeter Barriers

    Resistant to handgun fire, blast debris, slash attacks, and intruders.

    • Lightweight, easy-to-install all-fabric fencing
    • Line HESCO barriers to improve ballistic resistance
    • Container liners (internally or external covers)
    • Temporary forward equipment protection

    Customizable to Meet Any Need

      • Pre-certified solutions:
        • UL 752 Listed Level 2 and Level 3
        • V50 tested to Mil-Std 662 compliance
      • Custom-designed specific certifications as needed:
        • Intrusion
        • Fire resistance to NFPA 701
        • Blast debris/fragment resistance
          (equivalent protection to MSV)
        • UV and environment testing
      • Up 102” wide and 114” long
      • Seven standard military colors
      • Color customization available
      • Custom print patterns available (any type of camouflage)
      • Custom fabrics can be adhesively laminated to the outside surface

      What Our Customers Say

      The price I paid for that peace of mind was definitely worth it

      "After a stray bullet came through my window one night, I started looking for something to protect me and my guests - just in case it happens again. I found Ballistic Barrier Products and they installed their product a few months ago. There have been more incidents since, and some of my neighbors also had stray bullets enter their homes. Thanks to Ballistic Barrier Products, I now feel safer in my own house and I'm no longer afraid to have guests over."

      Washington DC Homeowner

      Product Features

      Resistant to bullets, blast debris, slash attacks and intruders.

      • Construction:
        • 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber core
        • Polyester or ballistic nylon cover material shell
      • Patented energy dissipation solution
      • Lightweight
      • Flexible, can conform to any shape
      • Waterproof
      • Resistant to UV degradation
      • Customizable sizing and form factor
      • Installation time is minutes versus hours/days
      • Inherently flame-resistant
      • Easy to conceal
      • Made in the USA and Berry Amendment Compliant