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Bullet-Resistant Window Shades: Cable Guided

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Motorized bullet-resistant window shades with a cable guided hem bar


BBP752-L3-W-MC and BBP752-L2-W-MC

Protect your home or business with bullet-resistant roller shades similar to conventional window coverings.

  • Available as certified to UL752 Level 3 or Level 2 protection.
  • Customizable to match your décor with custom colors, print patterns, or designer fabrics.
  • Easy installation - in 30 minutes or less.

Handgun protection superior to bullet-resistant glass

  • Lightweight
  • Lower cost
  • Retain egress windows
  • No permits and engineering sign-off required to install

Motorized bullet-resistant window shades with a cable guided hem bar


BBP752-L3-W-MC and BBP752-L2-W-MC

The hem bar cable guides run the length of the window, secured at a position just below the sill.

  • Unlike the locking hem bar design, there is nothing to engage when the hem bar is lowered, it is ready to provide full protection once it has reached the bottom of the window. Nor is there anything to disengage before retracting the shade, allowing the shade to deploy and retract with complete automation.
  • However, the impact of a bullet may cause the bottom of the shade to raise up a few inches. If this is a concern, consider the option that has the hem bar retained with locks.
  • Care must be taken that no obstacles will interfere with the cables or the hem bar's ability to ride up and down on them.

Standard construction allows for sizes starting at:

  • 16 in. wide, up to a width of 120 in.
  • Window height of up to 84 in.

Window sizes outside of these dimensions will require a customized construction.

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Certified Protection

Protect your home or business against bullets, shrapnel, and blast debris.

Elegant Protection

Custom fabrics and valances available to complement any decor

  • Major Brands - Holly Hunt, Mokum, Link, Casamance
  • Print colors, patterns, logos, and custom designs
  • Fabric-wrapped fascia

How it works

Bullet-resistant protection that deploys and retracts similar to conventional window shades

  • When positioned to shield against a threat, the hem bar of the fabric roll locks into mounts that sit at the end of the protection zone
  • The motor controls function with a standard wall switch, wireless remote control, or by connecting to an existing alarm system.

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