Bullet-resistant fixed panel door shield

Bullet-Resistant Fixed Panel Door Shield

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Bullet-resistant fixed panel door shield


PART BBP752-L3-DPN and BBP752-L2-DPN

Protect your home, business, school, or place of worship with bullet-resistant door shields. This door shield mounts permanently to the door itself, always ready to provide protection.

  • Available as certified to UL752 Level 3 or Level 2 protection.
  • Customizable to match your décor with custom colors, print patterns, or designer fabrics.
  • Allows for windows in the door slab.
  • Variants for knob, lever, or push bar door closures.
  • Easy installation - in 15 minutes or less.

Handgun protection superior to bullet-resistant fiberglass:

  • Lightweight
  • Lower cost
  • Maintains ADA compliance
  • No permits and engineering sign-off required to install

Bullet-resistant fixed panel door shield


PART BBP752-L3-DPN and BBP752-L2-DPN

Unlike the roll-down shade and door covers, this door shield is mounted directly to the door.

For solid core wood doors, there is only a row of wood screws to drive into the top of the door.

For hollow core wood or metal doors, a row of bolts is used to secure the door shield.

For doors with push bars, the panel is split into two pieces on the push bar side, and a third panel is mounted in the zone of the push bar on the reverse side.

For doors with windows, a pull-up window shield can be locked into place to protect the glass areas.

See Installation Instructions
US Patent

Certified Protection

Protect your home or business against bullets, shrapnel, and blast debris.

Elegant Protection

Custom fabrics and valances available to complement any decor

  • Major Brands - Holly Hunt, Mokum, Link, Casamance
  • Print, patterns, logos and custom designs
  • Fabric-wrapped fascia
  • Several stock colors to choose from, color customization options available

How it works

Bullet-resistant protection that deploys and retracts similar to conventional window shades

  • When positioned to shield against a threat, the hem bar of the fabric roll locks into mounts that sit at the end of the protection zone
  • The motor controls function with a standard wall switch, wireless remote control, or by connecting to an existing alarm system.

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