Bullet-Resistant Window Shades and Door Shields

  • Certified handgun protection
  • Customizable to match your décor
  • Installs in 30 mins or less
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Protection for


  • Windows
  • Exterior doors
  • Safe room doors


  • Board rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Store fronts
  • Office doors


  • Blast debris
  • Test equipment


  • Windows
  • Exterior doors
  • Classroom doors
  • Hallway dividers


  • Embassies
  • FBI / DOJ
  • Courthouses


  • Shelters
  • Barriers
  • Enclosures

Product Features

Superior handgun protection to bullet-resistant glass

  • Lower weight & cost than bullet resistant glass
  • Retain egress windows
  • Protects against the most common handgun variants of: 9mm, .357, .45, 10mm, .44 Magnum
  • UL752 Level 3 and Level 2 certified
  • Patented impact energy dissipation design
  • Fast & easy installation, like conventional roll-up shades
  • Motorized or manual control
  • Can be wired to activate with an existing alarm system
  • Customizable size, colors, and fabric finishes
US Patent

Elegant Protection

Custom fabrics and valances available to complement any decor

  • Major Brands - Holly Hunt, Mokum, Link, Casamance
  • Print, patterns, logos and custom designs
  • Fabric-wrapped fascia
  • Several stock colors to choose from, color customization options available
Winter Day
Golden Beige

How it works

Bullet-resistant protection that deploys and retracts similar to conventional window shades

  • When positioned to shield against a threat, the hem bar of the fabric roll locks into mounts that sit at the end of the protection zone
  • The motor controls function with a standard wall switch, wireless remote control, or by connecting to an existing alarm system.

Window Shade Installation Options

In ceiling
Soffit integration
Outside window-door frame
With a secondary cosmetic shade

What Our Customers Say

The price I paid for that peace of mind was definitely worth it

"After a stray bullet came through my window one night, I started looking for something to protect me and my guests - just in case it happens again. I found Ballistic Barrier Products and they installed their product a few months ago. There have been more incidents since, and some of my neighbors also had stray bullets enter their homes. Thanks to Ballistic Barrier Products, I now feel safer in my own house and I'm no longer afraid to have guests over."

Washington DC Homeowner

Ballistic Barrier Products News

Video - do your curtains stop 9mm?


Global Security Exchange (GSX)
GSX: Global Security Exchange Conference on Sept 11-13 in Dallas, TX

Ballistic Barrier Products will be at the GSX conference 2023, which is held at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX on Sept 11-13.

Come meet us at booth 3661.

Video - do your curtains stop 9mm?


LifeShield+ Door Awarded the Platinum Award in the 2023 Secure Campus Awards

BBP’s LifeShield+ received the Platinum Level award in the 2023 Secure Campus Awards, which honor outstanding achievements in the school and campus security industry. LifeShield+ products allow existing doors to become bullet-resistant.

Video - do your curtains stop 9mm?


BBP Attracted Attention at SHOT Show 2023

BBP had a dedicated display in an area of the exhibition set aside to highlight products that were new to the show for the year. The unique protection solution BBP offers quickly rose in popularity such that the show press noted the BBP digital information became one of the most downloaded pages at the show.

Video - do your curtains stop 9mm?


ISC West 2023,
Las Vegas, March 28-31

The International Security Conference & Exposition, also known as ISC West, is the largest event in the U.S. for the physical security industry. Come and see Ballistic Barrier Products at booth 8056 in the Venetian Expo.

Protect who you love

With bullet-resistant window shades and door shields. Cheaper & lighter than bullet-resistant glass or doors. Easy installation, like conventional roller shades.

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